Advisory & Broking Services

Advisory services include

  • Climate finance product development
  • Risk identification and analysis
  • Risk finance modelling

Broking services include

  • ‘Out sourced’ risk manager
  • Programme design and placement
  • Direct and reinsurance solutions
  • Multi-line insurance classes
  • London, Bermuda, Europe and international markets
  • Claims advocacy and negotiation
  • Bespoke policy wordings

Bespoke and Innovative Solutions

For clients needing innovative solutions to be developed we will typically be engaged on an advisory basis to develop a specific solution. This will start from risk identification and analysis and where appropriate, continue through to transaction close. Accurately defining and specifying a risk is critical to its effective management. Parhelion’s broad climate finance sector expertise means it is well placed to develop solutions and execute the final transaction.


For traditional insurance products there are ample underwriting markets willing to offer terms for most projects. Competition is driven at the insurer level and therefore Parhelion is able to work as a straightforward broker for these placements.

‘Out Sourced’ Risk Manager

Other clients may simply require an out sourced risk management arrangement. Buying an effective insurance package does take specialist knowledge and significant management time. It can therefore be useful to have the knowledge and expertise of a professional risk manager available but without the cost of a full time team.

Speciality Insurance Products

Geothermal Resource Risk Insurance was developed by Parhelion and GeothermEx and provides

  • Improved Risk / Reward Profile
  • Greater Certainty for Developers
  • Reduced Downside for Investors
  • Improved Project Financing Prospects

California ARB Offset Credit Invalidation Insurance was developed by Parhelion to

  • Remove the risk of invalidation for both Offset sellers and buyers
  • Improve the marketability of your offsets
  • Remove the need for colateralisation of invalidation risks
  • Improve compliance certainty