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Before they are generated, emission reductions (“ER’s”) produced by CDM and JI projects are bought and sold at a discount to their true value because of wide range of risk that may lead to non-delivery of the ER’s.

These risks can be grouped as follows:

price risk between the purchase date and when the ER’s are scheduled to be
physical risks during both construction and operating phases
regulatory and political risks covering Kyoto process risks (including baseline,  
  verification and certification risks), Kyoto withdrawal, confiscation, expropriation  
  nationalisation etc.
technology risks associated with the failure to meet specified performance criteria
contract frustration and credit risks such as revocation of Letter of Approval or
  licenses, insolvency
project execution risk

Carbon fund manager's policy

Investor's policy

Project financier's policy

Compliance buyers and supplier's policy

ERPA Master policy summary

We work with a range of operators in the carbon finance sector to develop, structure, and implement risk management, insurance and risk finance solutions for a variety of clients.

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