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  Parhelion is focused on climate change risks and carbon trading exposures. We work with a range of operators in the carbon finance sector to develop, structure, and implement risk management, insurance and risk finance solutions.

Our products and services are suitable for a range of interested parties including investment banks, project financiers, major insurers / reinsurers, multi-lateral institutions, project developers, carbon fund managers and compliance buyers. Parhelion has a unique expertise and understanding of risks associated with carbon markets, offset projects and opportunities to manage and transfer these risks.

Parhelion also offers a wealth of experience in providing traditional insurance products to the renewable energy industry encompassing Transit, Construction and Operational material damage / mechanical breakdown covers, as well as the associated loss of profits. Other conventional covers provided include Liabilities and Political Risk.

Technologies catered for include on and offshore wind, solar pv, solar thermal, geothermal, biomass, hydro, waste to energy and wave and tidal.
Greenhouse Gases Cause Climate Change.
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